Foundation competencies

Anyone delivering any kind of money guidance needs to have some “must haves”- a minimum level of skills and knowledge. Then, depending on your role and the people you help you may need to have more expertise in certain areas. The framework allows you to be flexible, based on your requirements.

The foundation competencies: core skills for all practitioners

The “must haves” are the foundation competencies. In order to deliver a safe, effective service, every money guidance practitioner needs to possess all of these competencies based around the following areas

Skills and behaviours

  • Personal qualities and attributes
  • Transferable skills
  • Self-management

Knowledge and compliance

  • Compliance and safeguarding
  • Signposting people they help
  • The boundaries of the service and of your role

At foundation competency level, practitioners gather simple, factual information from the customer in order to signpost them to appropriate sources of further support, advice or information

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