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You might be a front-line worker who delivers money guidance as part of your role, or a leader in an organisation that provides money guidance as part of its service and employs or manages Money Guiders. We are interested in hearing from you whatever your sector and job role – money mentors, social prescribers, housing associations, mental health services, voluntary and community organisations to name a few.

Money Guidance Competency Framework and tools

Our competency framework is available for everyone to use. We have suggested a range of ways it can be put into action and created mapping and development tools that can help you review and inform your practice and learning.

Explore our competency framework.

Networked learning

Sharing your experience with others in different roles is a great way to learn more about what works and develop your skills. We’re supporting a UK wide network of money guidance practitioners with a wealth of free resources including webinars, workshops, meetings and discussion groups, focused on the different skills domains of the competency framework.

Fancy joining our community? Drop us a line.

Become a partner

We’re looking for organisations that already deliver some form of money guidance, to work with us during Phase 1 through to March 2022. partners will benefit from exclusive access to free e-learning mapped to our competency framework, a brand-new City & Guilds endorsed credential, and access to themed content and shared learning through the Money Guider Networks. 

Partners can combine these features for maximum benefit, or simply choose what suits you and your organisation – it’s highly flexible, adaptable and accessible. 

Why become a programme partner?

Becoming a programme partner will help you:

  • improve outcomes for your customers by helping them manage their money better
  • develop the skills, understanding and confidence all Money Guiders need
  • understand your own or your team’s money guidance skills-set, identify where training and development is needed and filling gaps with the free e-learning we provide
  • gain recognition as an individual for giving effective money guidance
  • define or enhance your customer-offer, and
  • share good practice and learn from others who deliver money guidance.

Who can become a programme partner?

We’d like to work with a diverse range of partners in all four nations, with the following characteristics:

  • not-for-profit, community, voluntary and public sectors
  • already delivering some form of money guidance at
  • pragmatic, collaborative and with an understanding of our pilot objectives
  • customer/service user range from young adults through to older people, and
  • with a range of geographic locations, work settings, and infrastructures.

Being a partner means being involved in our evaluation – we will want to know what worked well and what didn’t. You will be helping us to improve and shape the future of the programme.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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