Pension Wise service evaluation 2018/19: Experiences and outcomes of customers

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The Pension Wise 2018/19 Service Evaluation Report, published in partnership with Ipsos Mori, is a very positive endorsement of the service and its delivery partners.

Since launching in 2015/16, Pension Wise has increased transaction volumes over two and a half times, whilst maintaining excellent satisfaction and advocacy levels and the many positive impacts on the knowledge and subsequent behaviours that it has amongst its customers.

Rising numbers of people accessed guidance offered by Pension Wise in 2018/19, with a  49%  increase in customers arranging appointments face to face and over the phone, and customers showing greater confidence in making pensions decisions after using the service.

This report was updated on 24 February 2021 to amend the title and labels of the infographic on page 1 and corresponding wording on page 7.