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Our debt work

It is critical that people have access to debt advice when they need it. The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) is the largest single funder of free debt advice in England. We work alongside partners across the UK to make debt advice easier and quicker to access, and to improve standards and quality across the sector.

UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing

The UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing sets out a goal of two million more people receiving debt advice by 2030.

MaPS helps deliver this by commissioning high quality debt advice through our funded partners in England and by working in strategic partnership with others to deliver the Better Debt Advice pillar of the Strategy.

Learn more about the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing.

Debt advice commissioning

We are currently reviewing our strategy for commissioning services.

Quality and continuous improvement

We believe that it is important for people who seek debt advice to have the assurance that both the organisation they access, and the adviser that they engage with, are operating to the highest standards.

Our current focus is to work with partners to make debt advice easier and quicker to access, and to improve standards and quality across the sector. We offer:

  • debt advice resources and guidance
  • detail on our continuous improvement work in the debt advice sector, and
  • access to MaPS resource request for continuous improvement activities.

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Sector engagement and co-ordination

We aim to improve the customer experience of people in debt while creating efficiencies for the debt advice sector and the organisations they owe money to. We regularly engage with a range of stakeholders including creditors, trade bodies, regulators, government departments and debt organisations to share information and insight, to help shape debt advice.

Key areas of our work include:

Service innovation

Working with the debt advice sector, we apply techniques from behavioural change, design innovation and behavioural science to develop services that are user-centred, evidence based and effective. We ensure an appropriate evidence base for all of our debt advice work and develop new perspectives to help us evaluate its impact.

Examples of work include:


A strong evidence base is vital in the decision-making process, from the best use of resources to improving service delivery. Use our research to help you shape your operations.

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