Our Board

The Board are responsible for providing appropriate oversight, governance and direction to the Money and Pensions Service in pursuit of its objectives as an organisation.

The primary roles and responsibilities of the Board

  • The overall strategic direction of MaPS.
  • Oversight of MaPS' core activities and high-level corporate structure.
  • Approval of alterations to the scope and/or nature of the operating model.
  • Supporting the CEO to agree and execute the Corporate Plan.
  • Establishing clear control frameworks to support the effective management of key performance indicators, risk, compliance, delegations of authority, business process, policies and procedures. 

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Alex Heath

Non-Executive Director

Caroline Siarkiewicz

Chief Executive

Simon Hamilton

Non-Executive Director

Mal Singh

Chief Financial Officer

Ann Harris OBE, CBFA

Non-Executive Director

Monica Kalia 

Non-Executive Director 

Marlene Shiels

Non-Executive Director