If you ever have money conversations with your customers, our free programme will help you to help others.

Programme partners include:

Take your help further with Money Guiders

When people reach out for help, money guidance is often given alongside wider support. This self-development programme helps organisations or individuals to confidently talk about money with their customers and give safe, effective guidance. It's government backed, proven to work and UK wide. There are lots of ways to get involved.

You can’t solve everything


In fact, it’s essential to know your boundaries when giving money guidance. That’s the best way to help your customers, while taking care of yourself too.


Watch this video, so you’re clear on the difference between money guidance and financial advice. Advice should always be left to regulated professionals.


Read more on the boundaries when giving money guidance

Get started with this helpful framework

Feel confident when talking about money. Use this Competency Framework first to understand the skills, qualities and knowledge needed to deliver money guidance well. Developed with experts, it’s now being used by thousands of practitioners across the UK.

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Upcoming network events

Be part of our supportive community. You have an open invitation to join the money guidance practitioner community any time. Share challenges. Learn together. Hear from experts and more.

Wales Network

5 December, 13.00-15.30

Mid and South Wales Regional Financial Wellbeing Forum

Online forum for money guidance practitioners based in Mid and South Wales. Hear updates from speakers right across the Wales financial wellbeing and money guidance landscape, and have a chance to have your say on the hot topics, from policy and funding to frontline practice issues.

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Scotland Network

6 December, 14.00-16.00

Wellbeing for Money Guiders – Manager wellbeing training

Online workshop for managers. Learn about different types of wellbeing, why workplace wellbeing matters and how to create a wellbeing-friendly workplace culture.

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Northern Ireland Network

7 December, 11.00-12.00

Advice NI – Dealing with Christmas Debt 

Online session for money guidance practitioners based in Northern Ireland. Hear from Advice NI and learn how you can support your service users with debt.

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England Network

14 November, 11-12.30

Self-care and the Science of Wellbeing

Online session for money guiders who want to learn how to destress, improve their wellbeing and learn how to help their clients do the same. Learn self-care tips and how to rewire our brain for happiness.

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