Start with the Money Guidance Competency Framework

Our framework is for anyone, or any organisation, giving any type of money guidance. All in one place, it’ll help you think clearly about what you’re offering, and feel confident, safe and proud that you’re giving the right money guidance. Get going by watching the video, then explore the framework below.

The Money Guidance Competency Framework sets out the core competencies needed to provide a safe, quality service for customers. It is designed for anyone who provides any type of money guidance whatever their sector or job role.


These are the essential attributes needed when having any sort of money conversation with your customers, including gathering information and signposting them to appropriate sources for further support, such as for debt advice. As you’ll see below, foundations are split into two parts: skills and behaviours, and knowledge and compliance.

Foundation – Skills and behaviours

Foundation – Knowledge and compliance

Technical domains

Once you're happy you understand the foundations for giving money guidance, explore the specialist areas (technical domains) that will help in your specific role.

  • Firstly, identify the technical domains that apply to you and your role.
  • Each domain is split into three tiers of increasing complexity. The tiers provide clear progression, So even if you identify at tier 3, it's important to look at tiers 1 and 2.
  • Simply pick the domains and all the tiers that apply to you – these will depend on the depth and breath of service you provide.

Tier 1 covers giving factual, generalist information such as signposting and resources which enable customers to do more about their own situation.

Tier 2 is when focusing on a customer’s individual circumstances, exploring needs and setting out options. You might offer coaching or support, or refer people to other organisations.

Tier 3 is when providing bespoke information in a specialist area. You'll have in-depth knowledge and likely deal with complex cases.  

Framework structure

The competency framework for Money Guiders sets out the skills, knowledge and behaviour required to deliver impartial guidance on money management and financial wellbeing in the non-regulated space.

There are 12 money domains, each of which are founded on technical knowledge. The domains are all tiered, according to the level of complexity at which the practitioner works. There is a maximum of three tiers, though not all domains require skills or knowledge at every level.

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When you’re familiar with the Money Guidance Competency Framework, including the boundaries in giving money guidance, you’re ready to take your help further. See how confident you are about the money conversations you are having with customers, and get pointers and resources to help build your skills and knowledge.

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