Competency Framework: signposting customers

Foundations – Knowledge and compliance

E. Signposting customers

All practitioners – no matter their job role – must be able to elicit simple, factual information from the customer in order to signpost them to appropriate sources of further support, advice or information.

Obtaining information


Awareness of:

  • Different reasons customers may have for seeking information.
  • The type of information or areas in which support might be sought (e.g. debt, borrowing, welfare and benefits).
  • The importance of timely action.


Ask basic questions to obtain information about the customer’s circumstances.



  • Signpost the customer to appropriate sources of further information or support, in line with organisational procedures.
  • Where red flags are identified, alert, or refer customers to, appropriate authorities (e.g. police, food bank, shelters) – as per your organisation’s own policy.

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