Competency Framework: households

Technical Domains

10. Households

This domain is about issues relating to households, including: renting and buying a home; household bills; social and private housing; tenancy agreements; tenants and landlord’s rights and responsibilities; grants to aid improvements and cover moving costs; mortgages; rent/mortgage payments; sources of support; scams. The domain comprises Tiers 1, 2 and 3. 

10.1.1 Awareness of the typical costs involved in renting or owning a home (deposit; rent/mortgage; service and utilities - water, gas, electricity etc.)
10.1.2 Awareness of other costs and typical bills (e.g. tv licence, insurance, broadband etc.)
10.1.3 Awareness of the process of renting a home (e.g. references; deposit; removals etc.)
10.1.4 Awareness of ways to save energy around the house
10.1.5 Awareness of the features of and how to read common household bills (e.g. council tax/rates, water, gas etc.)
10.1.6 Awareness of the existence of grants to fund improvements, aids and adaptations for a home
10.1.7 Awareness of the difference between social housing and private housing
10.1.8 Signpost or refer customers to appropriate sources of information on renting, home ownerships and housing advice
10.1.9 Awareness of scams and what to do if a customer has been the subject of a scam
10.2.1 Knowledge of the main features of tenancy agreements and the costs involved for landlord and tenant (e.g. agency fees and deposits)
10.2.2 Knowledge of availability of grants for moving costs
10.2.3 Knowledge of tenant’s and landlord’s rights and responsibilities
10.2.4 Knowledge of the grants to fund improvements, aids and adaptations for a home
10.2.5 Understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of renting versus buying a home
10.2.6 Understanding of the procedures used by main lenders
10.2.7 Understanding of the role of mortgage advisors
10.2.8 Understanding of the changes in personal circumstances that might affect an individual’s ability to pay their rent/mortgage
10.3.1 Familiarity with and ability to confidently use, online toolkits and calculators (e.g. stamp duty/land transaction tax calculators, mortgage affordability calculators etc.)
10.3.2 Support customers in accessing online portals and using toolkits, which might include completing information on their behalf

Training and qualifications

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