About Money Guiders

Money touches every aspect of our lives. This means money guidance is often given as part of wider services by all sorts of organisations and practitioners. If you talk to customers about money, our free programme is here to help you do that well.

Is this programme right for me?

Money Guiders is designed for the not-for-profit, public service and public benefit sectors across the UK’s four nations. Join us if you have money conversations with individual customers or groups of any age, from young adults through to older and retired people.

Are you representing an organisation?

You might be a frontline worker helping customers with money related issues, or a leader in an organisation that delivers money guidance in some way, for example in health and social care, housing, voluntary or community organisations, or local government. Whatever your role, we have something to offer you.

Are you an individual practitioner?

You can work in any role. Programme users include: 

  • community, charity, health, mental health and social care workers
  • social housing, welfare and police officers
  • student support team members
  • energy advisers, money mentors, foodbank volunteers and more.

Get involved today to take your help further

Together, we can make sure that people get good money guidance wherever they  receive it. You can use three programme resources right away to help develop skills, share knowledge and improve lives. 

  1. Get started with the Money Guidance Competency Framework to see what’s needed to give safe, effective money guidance to your customers.  
  2. Join our community of practitionersOpens in a new window for network events, learning opportunities, online groups and more. 
  3. Try our free digital tool – the confidence checker-  it will help identify your foundation strengths and areas to focus on when giving money guidance. 

You can also sign up for programme updatesOpens in a new window.

Got a programme question?

First take a look at these FAQs

Becoming a programme partner

Programme partners have exclusive access to free e-learning for their staff, a City & Guilds endorsed credential and more in return for committing to improving money guidance and ongoing evaluation. Places are limited.

Continually improving our support

Money Guiders is the first programme to support all those who deliver money guidance. We’re committed to making continual improvements. Our research and evaluation is focused on enhancing the programme’s design and processes, its reach and effectiveness, and the outcomes for you and your customers.

Programme feedback is always welcome  email us at money.guiders@maps.org.ukOpens in a new window