Frequently asked questions

You'll find answers to common questions about our Money Guiders programme.

What is money guidance?

Any money conversation you have with your customers in the non-regulated space.

Read about the difference between money guidance and advice.

Who gives money guidance?

Around three million practitioners give some form of money guidance in the UK, reaching millions of people in need. They’re busy employees and volunteers with all types of job titles across sectors who help struggling and vulnerable customers daily.  

Employees and volunteers may work within a community organisation, housing association, mental health services or as a money mentor, to name just a few examples.  

The people these organisations and practitioners support are likely to be seeking advice about a life event, may be vulnerable or have complex needs. It’s important they receive good quality money guidance regardless of where they access it.

Is this programme right for me?

Money Guiders is for any organisation or practitioner giving any type of non-regulated money guidance to individuals or groups, from young adults to retirees.

Our programme is designed for the not-for-profit, public service and public benefit sectors, from large organisations to local groups. 

Money Guiders is not aimed at organisations or practitioners giving regulated financial advice in the financial services sector.  You are welcome, however, to take a look at our Competency Framework, and contribute to our community networkOpens in a new window

Why do we need this programme?

Much of life is shaped by how we manage our money, including the challenges we face. When people reach out for help, money guidance is often given as part of wider support.

We created this programme because money guidance, and the set of skills needed to provide it, wasn’t clearly defined. Training and resources were patchy, with this side of the job generally undervalued. This meant many practitioners lacked confidence in giving guidance. Yet, the need for good money guidance is greater than ever.

Who runs this programme?

Money Guiders is from the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS), an arms-length body sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions. Like you, we want to see those most in need move forward in life. This vision is possible if good quality money guidance is available wherever someone reaches out for help. 

Do I have to pay anything?

No, this programme is free of charge.

How can this programme help me?

You can use three programme resources right away to help develop skills, share knowledge and improve lives. 

  1. Get started with the Money Guidance Competency Framework to see what’s needed to give safe, effective money guidance to your customers. 
  2. Join our community of practitionersOpens in a new window for network events, learning opportunities, online groups and more.
  3. Try our free digital tool – the confidence checker -  it'll help identify your foundation strengths and areas to focus on when giving money guidance. 

Why is the Competency Framework important?

The Competency Framework is designed for anyone who provides any type of money guidance whatever their sector or job role. We’ve suggested a range of ways it can be put into action, and created mapping and development tools that can help you review and inform your practice.

The Framework sets out the core competencies needed to provide a safe, quality service for customers. It’s intended to complement, and link to, other existing frameworks. These include the:

  • Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers (A Quality Assurance Framework 2009)
  • Information and Advice Quality Framework for Wales (IAFQ Wales)
  • NI Advice Quality Standard (August 2014)
  • MaPS Debt Advice Quality Framework
  • Advice Quality Standard (June 2016). 

How will being part of the Money Guiders Community help me?

The Money Guiders CommunityOpens in a new window is where people providing any kind of money guidance can get together and learn, sharing their expertise and good practice. 

You’ll benefit from free resources, including webinars, workshops, meetings and discussion groups. Everything’s really practical, helping to support you in delivering money guidance, whatever your role.

There is a network in each of the four nations of the UK. Each is led by local organisations, with the whole of the UK community coordinated by MaPS. 

Network events are a great way to learn more about what works and develop skills.

Join in any time by going to the Money Guiders Community HubOpens in a new window

Is the programme UK wide?

Everything the programme offers, including dedicated networks, is available in all four nations of the UK. Every effort has been made to ensure the language and terms used are accurate throughout, with alternative terms used where appropriate.

Can I become a programme partner?

Our Competency Framework, community networks and self-assessment tools are free and available for anyone to use, anytime.

Money Guiders programme partners also have access to e-learning modules, City & Guilds credential and further support. Places are limited.