UK Children and Young People’s Survey – Financial Capability 2019

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The UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing establishes five agendas for change and sets goals to be achieved by 2030. One of these is two million more Children and Young People (CYP) getting a meaningful financial education by 2030.

To support this goal, the Money and Pensions Service has conducted a nationally representative survey of the financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of seven to 17 year olds and their parents, living in the UK.

This data helps MaPS set the policy agenda for CYP financial capability issues and highlights areas for the sector to explore further through further research, testing or intervention.

Download the CYP's Financial Capability report summaries:

Financial Education in SchoolsOpens in a new window (PDF, 404KB)

England summaryOpens in a new window (PDF, 488KB)

Wales summaryOpens in a new window (PDF, 371KB)

Scotland summaryOpens in a new window (PDF, 370KB)

Northern Ireland summaryOpens in a new window (PDF, 377KB)

Technical ReportOpens in a new window (PDF, 3MB)