Adult Financial Wellbeing Survey 2021

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The Financial Wellbeing Survey 2021 is a nationally representative survey of over 10,000 adults living in the UK.

What is the Adult Financial Wellbeing Survey?

The questionnaire covers the building blocks required for people to feel financially resilient, confident, and empowered. These include:

  • Current and longer-term financial wellbeing
  • Day-to-day behaviours like managing credit, active saving and keeping track of spending
  • Planning behaviours like pension saving and building resilience against expected and unexpected life events
  • Enablers and inhibitors like confidence, sense of control, financial numeracy and engagement with money information, advice, and guidance.

The survey has previously been conducted in 2015 and 2018. For the 2021 survey, we have added some questions to help us assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, on financial wellbeing.

There are separate survey results for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Approximately 1000 interviews were carried out within each devolved nation, and for 2021 there has been an increase in the number of interviews in each of the government regions in England.

Read the 2021 survey technical report to learn more about how we collected and processed the data.

How does the Money and Pensions Service use the survey?

The survey helps The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) identify those who are most at need of support in managing their money, and areas where financial wellbeing is lowest. We also use it to:

  • Create a summary measure of individuals overall financial wellbeing
  • Understand the profile of MaPS’ ‘squeezed’, ‘struggling’ and ‘cushioned’ segments
  • Summarise the building blocks of financial capability
  • Help measure three of the five goals for the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing

Data will be shared in stages over the coming months, including reports on topics such as savings, credit use and financial wellbeing. These will be added to our research page when they are released.

So far, we have shared the following data from the survey:

As part of Talk Money Week in November 2021:

Up to 4 million parents keep mum on money matters

24 million UK adults don’t feel confident managing their money. Talk Money Week is here to help.

January 2022 press release:

Beat the blues by focusing on financial wellbeing

Will I be able to access the data?

MaPS wants as many people as possible to use and share the findings. The data will be freely available during Spring 2022 and may be used with acknowledgment. We will update this page with details of where the data will be available as soon as possible.