Talk Money Week: How to get started

Wondering where to start? Our communications kit includes social media graphics, banners and a poster. There is also template copy for your social media channels, intranet and email newsletters, as well as a form for you to share your Talk Money Week plans.

Our Talk Money WeekOpens in a new window 2023 participation pack, due to be released shortly, offers ways to tailor your activities to your sector and audiences.

Talk Money on social media

Use social media to tell people why you’re supporting Talk Money Week, and showcase the support or services you already offer.

Use the hashtags #TalkMoney and #DoOneThing to tell us about the ‘one thing’ you’re asking people to do. 

Use our social media graphics

Use our social media graphics on your own channels to celebrate Talk Money Week.

Download social media graphics

Template tweets

  • This week we’re supporting Talk Money Week, which aims to break the stigma of talking about money and get us all sharing more about this important topic, whether that’s with friends, family or anyone else! Who could you #TalkMoney with this week?
  • What One Thing could you do to improve your financial wellbeing this week? We suggest: [enter your Do One Thing ask]. It's quick, easy and could [highlight benefit]. #TalkMoney #DoOneThing
  • This #TalkMoney Week, we're asking all of our [employees/service users etc] to #DoOneThing to improve their financial wellbeing by [enter small, actionable task]. 
  • This week we'll be joining in with #TalkMoney Week by... [enter action using template]. Share the one thing you'll be doing in the comments below.
  • This week we’re breaking taboos and talking all things money for #TalkMoney Week from @MoneyHelperUK. Join us for a [event/ webinar/ conversation etc] all about how to [topic]. #DoOneThing
    Sign up here: [LINK].

Display Talk Money Week banners

Use these social media cover banners to showcase your support:

Encourage others to share their ‘one thing’

Share these graphics to let people know what ‘one thing’ you’re doing this Talk Money Week and encourage others to do the same:

Talk Money on your intranet and in emails

Let people know where they can find support by linking to free, impartial and government-backed MoneyHelper guidance via your internal or external channels.

Template text

This week we’re supporting #TalkMoney Week, designed to get us all talking more about the pennies in our pocket, our thoughts and feelings around money, and how and where to get help if and when you need it.

Quite often, it’s just saying the words out loud that’s the hardest part. So, we're asking you to Do One Thing to help take the first step: check the cost of living guides available on the MoneyHelperOpens in a new window website.

Research shows that people who talk about money:

  • make better and less risky financial decisions
  • have stronger personal relationships
  • help their children form good lifetime money habits
  • feel less stressed or anxious and more in control.

Building money conversations into our everyday lives also helps us build financial confidence and resilience to face whatever the future throws at us.

Share the MoneyHelper poster


Download our MoneyHelper poster

Share or print our Talk Money poster to help signpost to MoneyHelper services.

Talk Money in education

This dedicated toolkit for schools includes information and resources to help you promote the financial wellbeing of your pupils and students, during Talk Money Week and beyond.

Here are some assets you can use to promote your Talk Money Week activities in an education setting:

Use our template tweet

  • Did you know that children’s money habits are already forming by age 7? That’s why this week we’re celebrating #TalkMoney Week by [add details of activities].

Share our newsletter content

  • This #TalkMoney Week we’re helping students to learn more about money by [insert planned activities for your school]. There’s lots that parents and carers can do to help your children build good money skills for the future too: have a conversation about spending or saving or give your child the chance to practise making decisions about spending during your grocery shop.

    This year’s theme is ‘Do One Thing’, so take a look at the hints and tips for how to Talk Money with your child on the MoneyHelper websiteOpens in a new window

Share your Talk Money Week plans

We want to know how you’re supporting Talk Money Week, so that we can share and celebrate your involvement.

Whether it’s a social media post, a live event, a full-blown campaign or by putting a poster in your workplace, or anything in between, use the form linked below to let us know.

Talk Money in your local area

Share your plans with local media

Engage local, trade or national press with the work you’re doing to help people talk about money using our press release template.

Invite your elected representative to visit

Talk Money Week is a fantastic opportunity to invite your local MP or elected representatives (such as MSPs, MSs, mayors, or councillors) to see the vital contribution you’re making to financial wellbeing in the community.  

To make it as easy as possible to invite your MP or elected representative, we’ve provided a template visit plan and email invitation below. 


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