Supporting you in: building relationships

Be comfortable talking to customers about their needs, and confident in helping them to manage their money better. Or build on what you know already if this is a strength area. 

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Unsure about building relationships - boost your knowledge

1. When supporting your customers, you'll be using lots of personal skills and qualities that are just as important for money guidance as other aspects of your role. 

Hear from others giving money guidance on the attributes they bring to their role, and how it makes a real difference in the help they provide. 

Watch the video: Why personal qualities matter.

2. Take some time to reflect on what you heard in the video (step 1). What did others say about helping their customers to feel safe and comfortable? How were they approachable to potentially vulnerable people? 

3. Read the Competency Framework for clear descriptions of the fundamental qualities and attributes needed to give money guidance, and if training would help you here.

Go to the framework: Foundation A: Personal qualities and attributes.

Confident about building relationships - build on your strength

1. Hear from others giving money guidance to customers facing difficult situations, and how important their personal skills and qualities are in making the people they help feel safe and comfortable.   

Watch the video: Who is your customer? 

2. Rapport building is one of six fundamental skills and qualities needed to give guidance. The others are: Personal integrity, Self-awareness, Impartiality, Diplomacy and Flexibility. Read our framework for descriptions of each and review if there are any areas for improvement. You may want to focus on a particular quality.   

Go to the framework: Foundation A: Personal qualities and attributes.

3. Share your insights at the Money Guiders Community Hub, and hear from others on their workplace learnings. These may help you in your role. 

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Familiar with the framework?

The Money Guidance Competency Framework sets clear benchmarks, and defines money guidance and the boundary with regulated advice.