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Be confident that you're giving the most effective money guidance to your customers.

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Pointers on taking your help further

1. You need to feel confident about the money guidance you give, and what you don’t feel comfortable in delivering, as well as what falls outside of your role.

First, watch the video The Money Guidance Competency Framework - an overview, to see the breadth and depth of money guidance. The foundations are essentials when giving guidance, but not all of the technical domains and their tiers will be relevant to your role, which we’ll come to in step two.

2. Download the Money Guidance Competency FrameworkOpens in a new window (PDF/A, 905KB) and print out a copy of the table on page five. Use a highlighter pen to pick out any of the technical domains that are relevant to your money guidance role. Then, ring the areas you’d like to develop, and perhaps number them in order of priority. 

3. Questions to ask yourself:

- Do you want to deliver broader money guidance that includes more technical domains?

- Do you want to specialise in any of the technical domains, or in more complex money guidance?

- What are the most important areas to start with?

- What training and development is available that will help you move into these new areas?

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