Supporting you in: looking after yourself

Be confident you're looking after your own wellbeing at work when giving money guidance. Or build on what you know already if this is a strength area.

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Unsure about your wellbeing at work - getting some help

1. Delivering quality money guidance is as much about looking after your own wellbeing as it is supporting your customers' needs. Watch this video, to learn how to make sure  you don’t neglect yourself while helping others.  

Watch the video: The importance of self-care.  

2. Draw on your organisation’s staff wellbeing policies and practices, and don’t be afraid to make use of free counselling services for complex or traumatic cases you’re supporting.  

3. Read these pointers from money guidance practitioners. Some may work for you:

- offload to a colleague about a difficult situation as it can help make things clearer  

- get away from the desk, whether that’s for a quick coffee or to take a walk 

- spend a few moments breathing deeply and concentrating on relaxing 

- note down your thoughts and feelings at the end of the day, you might find a useful insight. 

Confident about your wellbeing at work - share your strategies

1. You may not always feel on top of it, so it’s worth taking a moment to see how reflective activities have helped other money guidance practitioners and their customers. 

Watch the video: The value of reflection.  

2. Help develop a workplace culture of talking with colleagues about difficult customer experiences. 

It can be helpful to you and your colleagues to share your money guidance experiences, as it contributes to collective knowledge and understanding. You might do this informally with a colleague, in a group, or through more structured conversations, such as a debriefing with a team member, in a supervision session, or with your manager.

3. Share your self-care tips and strategies as part of the Money Guiders community networkand see how others look after their wellbeing.

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Familiar with the framework?

The Money Guidance Competency Framework sets clear benchmarks, and defines money guidance and the boundary with regulated advice.