More ways to help your employees

As an employer, you’re in a unique position to offer some ways that can help your employees manage their money better. Certain incentives also provide tax breaks for you as an employer.

Do you need to automatically enrol your employees into a workplace pensionOpens in a new window? Find out what you need to do today.

Invite experts such as your pension provider, local bank’s mortgage specialist to discuss money matters with your employees.

Find out if local businesses, like gyms and restaurants, offer employee discount schemes.

Ease the burden of commuting costs for your employees – help out with travel season ticketsOpens in a new window or provide a bike to work schemeOpens in a new window

Partner with companies, for example, Salary FinanceOpens in a new window or your local credit unionOpens in a new window who provide employee loans and take repayments direct from payroll.

Look for ways to help employees manage work related expenses, like providing a corporate credit card.

Consider negotiating group life insurance for your employees. This can provide a lower cost policy that your employees can pay for. This will provide financial security for their loved ones in event of their death while they work for you.

Provide your employees with group income protection insurance which helps them if they are unable to work due to injury or long term illness.

Health insurance through the workplace can give your employees additional medical benefits for them and their loved ones.

An Employee Assistance Programme can provide confidential counselling services to help your employee to discuss issues that may be affecting their lives.

Offer employees access to a regulated financial adviserOpens in a new window. You can offer up to £500 pension advice a year and receive tax and national insurance contribution relief.